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The Thunderbirds are back, and a good time was had by all.

While I found the first episode was a tad too fast paced for my likeing, I'm going to put that down to establishing world building and such. The toutches to realisum is nice, and its good to final see John and TB 5 play a more active roll in things than just picking up SOS calls and being side-lined for the rest of the episode.

This new series has promis and I can't wait to see where it goes.
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S.D Profile 2015: Maria by Slizergiy
S.D Profile 2015: Maria
Based off of the artwork of e09etm

In the aftermarth of the "Sonic Rush" incident, Sonic found himself trapped in the void with the Chaos Emeralds after clossing a blackhole to prevent the destruction of reality. This inevtably drew the attention of the Doctor and he agreed to use his TARDIS to rescue Sonic. On the return trip however something caused the TARDIS to malfunction and when it finaly broke though back into normal reality, our heroes discovered that a lost soul had been brought along with them.
Finding yourself alive 50 years after you were shot dead and now a completly diffrent species than the one you woke up from can be a rather jaring experience for anyone, but with Shadow to help her along the way, Maria has come to peace with this unexpected turn of events and now see Earth from the surface.
S.D Profile 2015: Twilight's Changeling form by Slizergiy
S.D Profile 2015: Twilight's Changeling form
In one of Queen Chrysalis' more diabolical plans for the conquest of Equestria, she planned on not only hypotizing the entier poplation of Las Pagasues by taiting the water with a mind contol pathogen, she also planned to turn the Element bearers into changelings agents to lead the assult against Canterlot. While she managed to convert Twilight and bind her to the hive mind, it was the actions of the Doctor who not only broke the Queens hold over her (using his pain and loss to overwealm the hive mind conection), but set up the chain of events that lead to Chrysalis' deafeat.
While Twilight has long since been returned to normal, she still has access to some of the changeling magic she picked up during her brief time as one. Unfortinutly this can sometimes prove a major inconvinience to Twilight as she can accidently abosrb ambient enegry from her friends and become stuck in her changeling form from time to time. How long she is stuck like this can oftern range from afew hours to sevrel days to use up this excess energy, howver she has descovered that while stuck in it, she can do all nighters without any advurse effects.
S.D Profile 2015: The Doctor by Slizergiy
S.D Profile 2015: The Doctor
Having travled time and space for over 2000 years, the last of the timelords is allways on the move to find the new and the intresting, and so it was in the aftermarth of the "Sonic Rush" incident that the Doctor was drawn to the epicenter of a closed artifical blackhole above Earth, and the S.D's first encounter of the timelord. Since then, the Doctor has gotten involved with the antics of the S.D from time to time. After all, when you have the Tarids to travurse all of time and space, its allways more intresting when there are others along for the ride.
S.D Profile 2015: Iornlock by Slizergiy
S.D Profile 2015: Iornlock
Once just another bucknier to sail the seas of Neopia, Captin Iornlock rose to infamy due to the event that took place after been shown his fate. Destined to met his downfall by the paws of a Shadowhammer werelupe, the ruthless captin procceded to Shenkuu to wipe out the pack and prevent this future to become reality. With his "gloriouse future" secured, the crew of the Chainsman was free to pillige unchallanged, untill Ironlock clashed with the unsusspecting Char Grill Ed (who knew nothing of his reputation). Since then Iornlock has become a menace to the young Charmander as he has set his sights on 2 of his Neopian friends... the last known surviver of the Shadowhammer pack, and the Maraquan Aisha that she "stole" away from him.
S.D Profile 2015: Marien Seastorm by Slizergiy
S.D Profile 2015: Marien Seastorm
How Marien ended up in her curent state thanks to Captin Iornlock have forever been sweeped to sea, on the same tide that robbed her of her free will. Thankfully before the diablocal captin could bind her to his will, a storm washes the poor Maraquan Aisha away from his grasp and into paws of Noodles. Now as her new mistress, Noodles (along with Ed and Cannon) have been doing all they can to help rebuild her shattered mind and to keep Ironlock's scurvy crew as far away from Marien as posible. While split second desisions are not normaly a problem, Marien is oftern indecisive when it comes to ones that she has to think about. This is oftern a common source of constant frustration for her as she knows it is a simpton of the mind control spell she is under, but understands that it is not Noodles fault and is thankfull for her patiants in the matter. It is far from an ideal situation she has found herself in, but better this than to be a living figgerhead on Iornlock's ship.


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